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Hi! We're Loki and Rachelle.

We firmly agree that morning farm is the best farm (especially during sunrise), we have a lot of complimentary skills, we both love good food and bad TV, and we're not afraid of breaking a sweat and getting our hands dirty! Oh, and we both wholeheartedly agree - we're never growing chickpeas again!

five humans are kneeling or sitting on green grass with four blue containers in front of them, three small and one large. Each of the containers holds a different item. The first container on the left is small and half-full of black and white beans, the human behind it is smiling and wearing a yellow shirt and a wide-brimmed hat. The second container is also small and is full of small round white peas. The human behinf it is smiling and has her hand raised to her head. She is wearing a pink tank top, grey pants, and white sunglasses on her head. The third container is small and half-full of orange peas. The human behind it is smiling and holding onto the container. She is wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt, a green ball cap and glasses. She has many tattoos on her arms. The fourth bin is large and is half-full of pink and beige beans. There are two humans kneeling behind it, holding the container. The human on the left is smiling and wearing a blue t-shirt, brown pants and a black ball cap. They have red hair. The human on the right is smiling, wearing a grey tank top and a black ball cap. There are fruit trees and blue sky in the background.

How it all came to be...

We're food security seed nerds

Sowing Kits Seeds and Pulses is part of a growing movement that is returning to regenerative small-scale agriculture, growing pulses and the beneficial herbs and flowers that are so necessary for a thriving ecosystem. Our seed kits empower growers of all skill levels to create their own soil-boosting and pollinator-friendly garden guilds, and our dried pulses are a delicious, nutritious and flexible part of a plant-forward diet.​


After years of guerilla gardening, landscaping, seed library stewardship, and with a culinary background, I enrolled in the KPU Richmond Farm School in 2021, purely for interest's sake and to find a Covid-safe way to connect with folks. I met Rachelle at Farm School, and a fast friendship was born. By the end of the program, I had decided that seed farming was the path, and Rachelle was eager to jump in as my behind-the-scenes co-conspirator. Sowing Kits was born! ​We're fortunate to have a small but solid crew of amazing rockstar volunteers who share our passion, especially when it comes to harvesting, threshing, and endless seed-packaging.


Our little slice of heaven aka 1/3 of an acre is located on stolen xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Coast Salish land, and it is our humble duty as uninvited guests to treat the land with the respect and care it has been shown by the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm people for thousands of years. Currently it is KPU property, and our farm is part of the KPU Incubator Program, which means we have access to resources, tools, water, mentorship and community. While not certified organic, the land is stewarded in a regenerative and sustainable way, following organic practices.​


We have three main streams of farming:

  • Crops that are grown for seed or dry goods, to be sold and donated to seed libraries and community organizations

  • Collaborative seed-breeding projects,  such as the Tomato Adaptation Project, and the Citizen Seed Trial (radishes, salad turnips and snap peas for 2023), the majority of the harvest is donated to community fridges in Vancouver

  • Crops that are grown strictly for donation to community fridges in Vancouver - this is the part where we get to experiment and play! Last year we grew watermelons and soybeans, just for fun. This year's experiments will include cantaloupe, ground cherries and Hungarian rice beans (what!?)


Sowing Kits Seeds & Pulses is a passion project first and foremost, and a business second.  We appreciate your support, we love it when our friends come out to help us, and we're so glad you're along for the ride! ​


Loki Wallace (they/them)

Lead Seed Nerd


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