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Coreopsis Blend Seeds

Coreopsis Blend Seeds


Coreopsis grandiflora and Coreopsis tinctoria


Bright yellow (grandiflora) and two-tone yellow and burgundy (tinctoria) flowers attract pollinators such as hoverflies, bees, butterflies and parasitic wasps, as well as beneficial predators like ladybugs and lacewings. Growing tall and sturdy, and not needing much water, they're perfect for growing near smaller plants that need a bit of shade, such as lettuce and spinach. 


Avg 100 seeds / 0.5 gram


  • Growing Information

    Direct sow just before the last frost, or in autumn in milder climates. Sprinkle on top of soil, thin to 6” after germination.Germination: 5-24 days. Grow to 36”. Full sun, well-drained soil, deadhead regularly. Do not fertilize.

  • Shipping Info

    Free shipping for orders over $20 in Canada.

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