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Cosmos "Sensation Blend" Seeds

Cosmos "Sensation Blend" Seeds



Cosmos bipinnatus


This garden classic with its daisy shape, bright yellow centre and various shades of pink and white petals are a powerhouse in the garden. Cosmos provide food and habitat to a variety of pollinators and predatory insects. Aside from being easy to care for and absolutely stunning, cosmos flowers are also edible, throw them in a salad for a brilliant pop of colour! Open pollinated. 


Avg 50 seeds / 0.25 gram


  • Growing Information

    Direct sow after last frost, and repeat every two weeks for extended blooms. Depth: ⅛” Spacing: 8-12”. Germination: 3-10 days. Grows to 4-6’, can benefit from staking. Full sun, well-drained soil, deadhead regularly.

  • Shipping Info

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