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Nasturtium Seeds

Nasturtium Seeds


Tropaeolum majus


Nasturtiums can be climbers, or they can grow bushy and low to the ground, protecting the soil and retaining moisture. Vibrant orange, peach and yellow flowers last all summer and into the fall. Edible flowers add spice to a salad, as well as feeding hummingbirds and bees, and acting as an aphid and cabbage moth caterpillar trap to protect leafy greens and brassicas. Open pollinated.


Avg. 30 seeds / 4 grams


  • Growing Information

    Sow in spring after danger of frost has passed, in full sun. Depth 1" Spacing 3"-6" firmly packed under well-drained soil. Keep soil moist until germination and then again during blooming. Do not fertilize, as this promotes leaf growth and fewer blooms. Germination 10-12 days, full height 8" - 10". 

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