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Pinto Beans- 2lbs

Pinto Beans- 2lbs


What's not to love about Pinto Beans? This incredibly popular bean is often found in Mexican, Brazilian, and southwestern US food, refried, mashed or served whole. It's a common filling for burritos and tacos, served asd a side with crisp tortillas, or served in chilli. Served in combination with rice and cornbread or corn tortillas, all of the essential amino acids are available. 


A great source of protein, phosphorus, manganese, dietary fibre, and folate.

1/2 a cup of cooked dry Pinto Beans includes:

122 calories

8 g protein

373 mg potassium

22 g carbohydrates

8 g fibre

0.6 g fat

1 mg sodium

  • Cooking, Preparation & Storage

    Cooking and Preparation:

    Soak over night, or boil rapidly for 10 minutes, then drain and simmer in fresh water for 2-3 hours. Add seasonings, or other ingredients once the beans are softened. 


    These beans are perfect for storing over the winter, they can be kept sealed in the freezer, or in a well-sealed jar in a cool and dry environment. Use within one year of purchase for the best flavour.

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