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Purple Orach Seeds

Purple Orach Seeds


Atriplex hortensis


Also known as mountain spinach, this ancient vegetable is more drought-resistant and slower to bolt than spinach. Growing quickly, up to 5 feet tall with large deep purple leaves, it can create a windblock or shady space for beneficial insects in your garden. The leaves have a unique salty flavour, and can be harvested as microgreens, or prepared as you would spinach, raw or cooked. Open pollinated.


Avg. 75 seeds / 0.5 gram


  • Growing Information

    Direct sow just before the last frost, and sow every three weeks after for continual harvest. Sprinkle over moist soil and cover lightly with more soil. Spacing: 10-12" Germination: 7-14 days. Mature in 45 days. Full sun or partial shade, well-drained soil, water regularly.

  • Shipping Info

    Free shipping for orders over $20 in Canada.

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