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The Boulevard Garden Seed Kit

The Boulevard Garden Seed Kit


Boulevards, or traffic circles, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, plus they potentially see a lot of public interaction. With this in mind, it's a good idea to create a natural barrier between food crops and vehicle and foot traffic. These spaces can also have very poor soil to begin with, so planting pulses to increase soil health is a long-term gain. Having an abundance of pollinator-friendly companion plants will benefit not just your little patch, but also your neighbours, not to mention boosting the curb appeal. When planting streetside, it’s important to not obstruct traffic, so it’s a good idea to keep your taller plants closer to the sidewalk, or in the middle of the traffic circle, in order to keep the roadway safe.


Choose 5 varieties from the list below. (2 pulses + 3 companions)

  • Select your seeds from the list below.

    Pulses: Capucijner Peas :Avg. 75 seeds / 28 grams

    Pulses: Fiesta Beans: Avg. 40 seeds / 38 grams

    Pulses: Orca Beans: 40 seeds / 23 grams

    Pulses: Pearl Soup Peas: Avg. 75 seeds / 20 grams

    Pulses: Pinto Beans: 60 seeds / 26 grams

    Companions: Calendula Blend: Avg. 100 seeds / 2.5 grams

    Companions: California Poppy: Avg. 100 seeds / 1 gram

    Companions: Coreopsis Blend (Coreopsis grandiflora and Coreopsis tinctoria) : Avg 100 seeds / 0.5 gram

    Companions: Marigold "French Stripe": Avg. 75 seeds / 0.35 grams

    Companions: Marigold "Lemon Gem": Avg. 75 seeds / 0.25 grams

    Companions: Poppy Blend (P. nudicaule, P. orientale, P. rhoeas, P. somniferum): Avg. 200 seeds / 0.2 grams

    Companions: Purple Orach: Avg. 75 seeds / 0.5 grams

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