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The Community Garden Seed Kit

The Community Garden Seed Kit


Gardening in community is a beautiful thing! Plot sizes can range in size, and there's often the possibility of moving to a new plot each year. Gardening with your neighbours allows for learning and sharing ideas, crop swaps, and of course, swapping seeds. This kit will boost the pollinator population (which your fellow gardeners will love), the soil will get a boost, you'll have plenty of crops to swap, and definitely seeds to share!


Choose 6 varieties from the list below. (3 pulses + 3 companions)

  • Select your seeds from the list below.

    Pulses: Capucijner Peas :Avg. 75 seeds / 28 grams

    Pulses: Fiesta Beans: Avg. 40 seeds / 38 grams

    Pulses: Orca Beans: 40 seeds / 23 grams

    Pulses: Pearl Soup Peas: Avg. 75 seeds / 20 grams

    Pulses: Pinto Beans: 60 seeds / 26 grams

    Companions: Calendula Blend: Avg. 100 seeds / 2.5 grams

    Companions: California Poppy: Avg. 100 seeds / 1 gram

    Companions: Coreopsis Blend (Coreopsis grandiflora and Coreopsis tinctoria) : Avg 100 seeds / 0.5 gram

    Companions: Marigold "French Stripe": Avg. 75 seeds / 0.35 grams

    Companions: Marigold "Lemon Gem": Avg. 75 seeds / 0.25 grams

    Companions: Poppy Blend (P. nudicaule, P. orientale, P. rhoeas, P. somniferum): Avg. 200 seeds / 0.2 grams

    Companions: Purple Orach: Avg. 75 seeds / 0.5 grams

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